Dr Rajendra Dobhal, Director General, UCOST inaugurated the Annual Research Conference 2020-21 of Zoological Survey of India (GoI)

Dr Rajendra Dobhal, Director General, UCOST inaugurated the annual research conference 2020-21 of Zoological Survey of India (GoI) in virtual mode as a chief guest of the program on 9th July, 2020. Dr Kailash Chandra, Director, Zoological Survey of India (ZSI), Kolkata welcomes the chief guest & guest of honour Dr J.R.B, Alfred Former Director, ZSI. Dr Chandra presented the yearly progress and highlighted the achievements of ZSI Scientists. In the inaugural address, Dr Dobhal stated that Biodiversity conservation and management is very important for the survival of mother earth. Since 1916, ZSI is exploring the faunal wealth of India and playing vital role in identification of fauna from various ecosystem of the country through 16 regional stations situated in different parts of India. Dr Dobhal also highlighted the importance of taxonomy and ecology & it’s a need of the hour to encourage more young researchers to opt for taxonomy, so that this important science can be taken forward. He also point out that we should start a fellowship for students to learn taxonomy and ecology. We should also focus on special research funding for ZSI & BSI to carryout the research work in integrated manner for better livelihood and sustainable use of natural resources. He told about the importance of State Biodiversity Board for regulating natural resources in the state. There is need of the collaboration of ZSI & National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) for future research in climate change, animal distribution system & micro organism.