Radio Serial Production & Broadcast in three languages

02 Brain Storming Sessions on “Radio Serial Production & Broadcast in three languages (Hindi, Garhwali & Kumauni) in Traditional Knowledge” and ‘Production of Resource material for climate change & global warming’was held on 15th- 16th February, 2019 at UCOST, Vigyan Dham, Dehradun

Radio Serial Production & Broadcast in three languages – Inaugural of Brain Storming Session on “Radio Serial Production & Broadcast in three languages (Hindi, Garhwali & Kumauni) in Traditional Knowledge” was held on 15th February, 2019 at UCOST, Vigyan Dham, Dehradun. Session was started with the welcome address by Dr Rajendra Dobhal, Director General, UCOST. Dr B.K. Tyagi, Registrar, Vigyan Prasar (DST, GOI) delivered brief Presentation on Traditional Knowledge System of Uttarakhand. He said that our traditional Knowledge System is very important but it is not being carrying forward and this information should reach to all people by means of Radio Serial in local dialects i.e. Kumauni and Garhwali. By using traditional knowledge, there will be no carbon footprint and it will be beneficial for us. Er. Yashwant Dev Panwar, Director TIFAC (DST, GOI) addressed the gathering by saying that medical formulations should be documented. He also mentioned to think about effective protection of Traditional Knowledge. Dr R.B.S. Rawat, IFS, Ex PCCF Uttarakhand addressed the meeting by saying that we should conserve our natural resources by involving people. He mentioned that everyone should ask his elder people about traditional knowledge and try to conserve it whether it belongs to health or agriculture sector. Dr Rakesh Shah, IFS Chairman, Uttarakhand Biodiversity Board addressed the gathering by emphasizing on the importance of traditional knowledge. He said that traditional knowledge plays a very important role from birth to death during the life span of human being but we do not respect our traditions and culture. He opined that we should document traditional knowledge without bothering about scientific validation. Dr. M.P.S. Bisht, Director, USEC, Dr. Binita Shah, Dr. Brij Mohan Sharma, Dr. Mahesh Bhatt-Vigyan Bharti, Dr. Uma Melkani, Scientific Officer, Zoological Survey of India were also present. In the end of the session, vote of thanks was given by Dr D.P. Uniyal, Sr. Scientific Officer, UCOST

A brainstorming session on 16 February, 2019 on topic ‘Production of Resource material for climate change & global warming’ was held at Uttarakhand State Council for Science & Technology on 16th february, 2019. In this session Shri Jai Raj, PCCF Uttarakhand was the chief guest. Dr Rajendra Dobhal, DG, UCOST, welcome all guest and said that nowadays common people wants to know about climate change and radio is a good medium to reach and convey message to each citizen. Dr. Dobhal also suggested that topic of forest fire should also be included in u radio serials. Dr. B. K. Tyagi, Registrar Vigyan Prasar, DST, GOI gave brief introduction about objectives and purpose of the workshop. He said people who are associated with policy making should come out with good plan and policies and all stakeholders (students, farmers, panchayat members and officials etc.) should teach how to adapt changing climatic patterns and capacity building & training on environment. He talked about proposed thrust areas for program, tentative structure of knowledge products and methodologies to be followed. Shri Kunal Satyarthi, IFS and principal- Central Academy for state forest services, MoEF talked about snow cover, glacier mapping and changing pattern of glacier lake formation in Himanchal Pradesh. He also gave brief information of changing rainfall & snowfall pattern and its impact in agriculture and horticulture crops. He also said research related to climate should be correlated to agriculture also. Prof. Uma Melkani from GBPUAT, also delivered a talk about emphasis of science in climate change, importance of biodiversity and importance of trees in study of changing climatic patterns. Shri Jai Raj said that this initiative is really appreciable. He also said that water conservation and research related to it are very important for climate change study. He also talked about spring shed management and importance of water conservation. He also said that we have abundance of traditional knowledge and we should utilise it in proper way. Dr. D. P. Uniyal, Senior scientific officer and coordinator of session delivered vote of thanks. A discussion was also held on global warming & impact of climate change and valuable outputs were also documented. In this session officials from government & non government organizations, researchers of various institutes, officials of UCOST and biotech council were present there.

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