Brainstorming consultative workshop - challenges of Uttarakhand

Brainstorming consultative workshop on current issues and challenges of Uttarakhand state was organized on 4th Feb 2017

Brainstorming consultative workshop – SDFU has organized one day brainstorming consultative workshop with support of UCOST, Dehradun. The aim of this workshop was to deliberate upon the few key as well as focus issues of state, like Climate change and its consequences on natural resources, Forest fire, Man animal conflicts, Soil status of the state, Challenges in livelihood among mountain communities, Prospects of agriculture for sustainable development, Water related problems in rural areas, Urban planning and challenges in hill cities, etc., followed by open house discussions on the related issues to be considered. The workshop was attended by several eminent persons including former VC, retired bureaucrats, Directors, Government officials, NGO’s, Noted scholars, Independent Development Professionals, Subject experts, academicians and  farmers, among others. The outcome of the workshop will be presented in the upcoming Integrated Mountain Initiative (IMI) meeting on 10-11th Feb in Delhi. It was also decided during the meeting that the forum will also help Uttarakhand state planning department in setting up the SDG’s for the state.

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