Director General, UCOST addressed “State Level Consultation Meet on National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy-2020 (STIP-2020)”

State Level Consultation on National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy-2020 (STIP-2020) was organized jointly by Dev Bhoomi Vigyan Samiti Uttarakhand [State Unit of Vijnana Bharati (VIBHA)] and UCOST on 11th October, 2020. In his opening remark, Dr Rajendra Dobhal, Director General UCOST expressed his views on prospects of STIP-2020 and role of state S&T councils.

Dr Dobhal suggested following inclusions for effective and inclusive STIP-2020:

  1. Need to adopt integrated approach for homogenization of Innovation in academics and research through judicious cooperation of Industry, academia and research. This will lead basic R&D to innovation and in turn to market/applicability.
  2. Only a fraction of R&D fund support comes from Industries, which need to be enhanced with alignment of industry through policy measures.
  3. Democratization of scientific fraternity is needed through policy measures. Only S&T Councils can be instrumental in human resource development in S&T and propagate innovation in the states. Councils need to be leveraged with sufficient fund support and autonomy of fund utilization.
  4. The S&T councils need to be renamed as “Science, Technology and Innovation Council”.
  5. Uttarakhand harbours 76 R&D and academic institutions, which need to be coordinated to work on state specific issues and challenges through policy support.
  6. Inter-ministerial high power committee need to be formed for planning and supervising development of innovation infrastructure and ecosystem in the states.

The webinar was also addressed by Dr Akhilesh Gupta, Adviser & Head, STIP-2020, DST New Delhi. He said that Policies provides directions for the development. With STIP 2020, India expect more involvement of trained human resource for innovation with disruptive technologies. Indigenization of grassroot innovation is needed with strong support of new technologies as described under Emerging Technologies Initiatives of Government of India. Triple helix structure of R&D Institutions, Academia and Industry need to be incorporated through policy measures. Further, he said that states and UTs governments are being consulted for STIP 2020. Representation of all sections of the society through public consultation, NGOs, Indian diaspora, private sector and various ministries are being consulted for inclusiveness in policy formation, in which 1.5 Cr consultation is expected.120 apex meetings and 20 ministerial consultation have been held for STIP 2020.Grassroot Innovation Centres have been planned to setup in the universities thorough policy framework.Special emphasis will be given to Traditional Knowledge System (TKS) and mainstreaming of science popularization and integration of National Education Policy 2020 in the STIP 2020. He also emphasised on prioritization of partnership of state and center through policy framework. However, state need to take initiatives through formation of their own State STIP Policy. STIP governance system in the state need to be strengthen.

The webinar was also addressed by Er. Jayant Sahasrabuddhe, National Organising Secretary, Vijnana Bharati (VIBHA). He hoped that the suggestions from galaxy of experts in the field will enrich the STIP-2020, which will certainly fulfil the expectations of Indian Himalayan Region (IHR).

The suggestions for STIP-20202 was also taken from Vice Chancellors of various public and private universities, directors of institutions, chairpersons of the NGOs working in the state and representatives of Hon’ble Chief Minister and Minister, Higher Education, Govt of Uttarakhand. A total of 32 experts and dignitariesexpressed their views and suggestions for upcoming STIP-2020.

In the valedictory session, Dr K.D. Purohit, President, VIBHA, Uttarakhand Unit said that a consolidated recommendations emerged through this webinar will be sent to S&T Ministry, Government of India for perusal and inclusion in the STIP-2020.

At the end, Secretary of VIBHA, Uttarakhand Unit expressed vote of thanks.

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