Uttarakhand Hon'ble Governor Dr. K.K. Paul visited UCOST Vigyan Dham

Uttarakhand Hon’ble Governor Dr. K.K. Paul visited UCOST Vigyan Dham

Uttarakhand Hon’ble Governor Dr. K.K. Paul visited UCOST Vigyan Dham

Uttarakhand Hon’ble Governor  Dr. K.K. Paul today stressed the need for more efforts to establish Uttarakhand as a leading herbal state keeping in mind its leading role in Ayurveda and its immense herbal wealth.

Addressing a gathering of scientists and scholars as the chief guest at a symposium on “Herbal Research, Opportunities, Challenges and Beyond” organized at UCOST (Vigyan Dham, Jhajra, Dehradun) by the management of the Universities’ Journal of  Phytochemistry and Ayurvedic Heights (UPJAH), the Governor said that Uttarakhand had great potential in the area which needs to be tapped and utilized in the interests of the state. He said he hoped this symposium will be an effective step in this direction.

He said Uttarakhand was virtually a herbal state and the State Medicinal Plants Board had been constituted and the Herbal Research & Development Institute at Gopeshwar had been named as the apex agency for synchronizing and promoting the sector. “I have had a personal interest in this area, having been a student of chemistry and have also visited the laboratory located at Mandal.  The unit has not had a Director for quite some time and appeared to be in a state of neglect. I gave them some ideas.”

He said that   systematic study on herbs specially on their scientific documentation and research was the need of the day and it was appreciable that scientists carrying out research on herbs were gathered here today at this fifteenth symposium of the UPJAH.

The Governor said emphasis should be laid on in-vitro studies of herbs to prove their therapeutic efficacy and thus to standardize the drugs so obtained. “The results obtained should be documented scientifically. The programme for development of the Medicinal Plant sector needs research, development and extension carried out in a planned manner,” he said.

He said that the responsible use of the natural resources to ensure their availability for the future was a major global concern and sustainable utilization of Medicinal and Aromatic plants was  the most tenable strategy for conserving them. “It is best to have a policy that allows the extraction of medicinal plants from the wild only up to a sustainable extent and the promotion of large scale cultivation of MAPs to meet the growing demands of industries”.

The Governor released the 20th volume of the the bi-annual Universities Journal of Phytochemistry and Ayurvedic Heights on the occasion. He said it had made a remarkable contribution to promote and popularize research on Indian herbs and scientific assessment of traditional herbs and medicines of the Indigenous Indian system.  He said the Journal had motivated a large number of scientists and highlighted their work under the guidance of Dr. S. Farooq, Dr. G.K. Pathak, Dr. I.P. Saxena and Dr. I.P. Pandey. “It may be useful to get this journal recognized for referral work, in the long run,” he said.

He congratulated Dr. Rajendra Dobhal, DG, UCOST under whose leadership the wonderful Vigyan  Dham has come up. Prof. V.K. Tiwari, VC Graphic Era University, Dr. Rajendra Dobhal, Dr. A.N. Purohit, former VC of HNB  Garhwal University, Srinagar and Dr. S. Farooq,  Chief editor of the journal, were present on the occasion. Key Note Address delivered by Dr. Himmat Singh.

Rajendra Dobhal, Director General, UCOST welcomes the Chief Guest Honorable Governor, Uttarakhand Dr. K.K Paul along with Prof. A.N Purohit, Ex V.C H.N.B Garhwal University, Dr. Farooq, Chief Editor & Founder Himalayan Drugs, Dr. V.K Tiwari, V.C Graphic Era University and Founder Chairman of Uttarakhand Technical University along with Dr. Himmat Singh, Key Note Speaker of Conference.

Dr. Dobhal inform that another regional science center is inaugurated at Alomra by chief Minister of Uttarakhand on 02/06/2016.He insist that innovation comes from grass root level and to motivate the budding school children, UCOST have established innovation hub at Regional Science Center, Vigyan Dham, Dehradun.

Dr. Himmat Singh keynote speaker told about “anti-cancer agents” from natural resources with a preamble “natural medicine used with conventional therapy for anti-cancer treatment. He discussed the challenges why these plants based drugs not accepted fully by the developed nations.

Dr. V.K Tiwari shared that curiosity is the generation of invention.

Prof A.N Purohit told that nine major products are sold in International Market as Herbal, with a turnover 83 billion with a projection of 1.7 trillion about. Herbal sector is aclosed market and people may not get direct benefit therefore local people are migrating and lands are available in hills but not utilizing for the purpose of medicinal plantations, Chinese system of medicine 80% production is tissue culture raised. Only 1% medicinal medicinal plants are raised in pune garden.

At end of the conference, Vote of thanks are given by Dr. S. Farooq. All the UCOST Staff along with students of BFIT and Ayurvedic University, Dehradun present at the seminar.


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