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Entrepreneurship Development Program


Our Work

Technology Transfer / Developed / Demonstrated by UCOST

  1. Light weight palky
  2. Gravity Based Ropeway
  3. Tissue Culture Lab At Naugaon, Uttarkashi District
  4. In-Vitro Micropropagation Of Meizotropis Pellita Wall. Ex Hook, F & Grev. (Vern, Patwa) A Very Rare Endangered & Endemic Plant Of Patwadanger, Nainital, Uttarakhand
  5. Field Establishment Of In Vitro Raised Plants Of Ephedra Gerardiana
  6. Utilization Of Glass Waste For The Degradation Of Waste Plastic
  7. Technology Resource Centres (TRCs)
  8. Food Processing Unit Developed At Technology Resource Centres (TRCs)
  9. Fish Farming Using Natural Water Resources In Pithoragarh
  10. Technology Resource Cum Training Centre For Processing And Preservation Of Horticultural Produce In Sahaspur, Dehradun
  11. Demonstration Of Decentralized Micro Hydro Power Generation Using Cross Flow Turbines
  12. Development Of River Bank Filtration (Rbf) Systems In Uttarakhand
  13. LED BULB
  15. Solar Emergency Light
  16. Design And Fabrication Of An All Terrain Vehicle
  17. In Vitro Propagation Of Orchids And Capacity Building Through Macropropagation In Dehradun District Of Uttarakhand
  18. Endurance Analysis And Tribiological Studies Of Diesel Engines Fuelled With Biobutanol And Diesel
  19. Development Of Eco-Friendly Cow Urine Based Formulations For Honey Bee Disease Management And Crop Protection In Uttarakhand
  20. Field Evaluation Of Microbial Inoculants Developed For Use In Mountains
  21. Bioconversion Of Forest Waste Lignocellulosic Biomass Into Ethanol
  22. Development Of Procedures For Assay Of Drug Formulations And Resolution Of Their Racemic Mixtures
  23. Establishment Of Jatropha Oil Cake Based Biogas Plant
  24. Multifuel Cooking Patented Chulha


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