Building Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights in Higher Education

Ucost Organised IPR Awareness Workshop at M.B Govt P.G. College, Haldwani

Building Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights in Higher Education

A one day IPR awareness workshop was organized at M.B Govt. P.G. College, Haldwani on 04th April, 2016. The workshop entitled “Building Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights in Higher Education” was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Prof. H.S Dhami, Vice Chancellor, Kumaon University, Guest of Honor, Dr. Rajendra Dobhal, Director General, UCOST, Dehradun and Convener, Dr B.C Melkani, Director, Dept of Higher Education. The workshop witnessed the presence of Dr. Kirti Joshi, Senior Scientific Officer, UCOST, Dehradun, Mr. Manoj Singh and Mr. Himanshu Goel as speakers in various IPR topics. The workshop benefitted around 400 participants including faculty and students.

Dr. B.C Melkani, welcomed the Chief Guest, Guest of Honor & other dignitaries and the participants. The inaugural Speech was delivered by Dr. Rajendra Dobhal, Director General, UCOST.

Dr. Dobhal gave emphasis on protection of scientific, industrial, literary and artistic creations. Dr. Dobhal explained the means and procedures to safeguard these creations. He gave numerous examples from music industry, film industry and geographical indications from India and abroad.

Prof. H.S Dhami stressed on the need for registering intellectual creations and using IPR’s for the betterment of nation. He explained the importance of IPR protection and how inventions & intellectual creations could help to boost economic and technological developments in the country. In the thanksgiving speech, Dr. Melkani explained the triad of creativity, inventiveness and innovation and their linkages with  the enhancement of quality of life of the people in general and owners of traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions of the people of hilly area. He outlined the ways in which rich cultural heritage of the area can be better utilized by new ideas and creations transformed into inventions and innovativeness through entrepreneurship.

The first technical session, delivered by Dr. Manoj Kumar (Scientific Assistant, UCOST), gave an overview on IPR and emphasized on properties of IPR particularly, Patents, Copy right, Trade mark, Trade secrets, Necessity of IPR, advantages and disadvantages of IPR, promotion and potentials of IPR, limitation of IPR.  Next session was delivered by Dr. Kirti Joshi, Sr. Scientific Officer, UCOST, on the patenting system in India. She enlightened the participants on nuances of patent filing and prosecution in India. She highlighted the importance of patents particularly in the present regime of globalization and liberalization and advised all the delegates to file maximum patents. Last Session was delivered by Mr. Himanshu Goel, Project Scientist, UCOST, on the analysis and commercialization of the research innovations. The session ended with question-answer session.


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