Telescopic Observation - Organized by UCOST Dehradun

UCOST organized telescopic observation of the Great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

The rare celestial event of this passing year 2020 Jupiter Saturn Conjunction was observed through reflecting telescope at the RSC Dehradun. The event was not organized at mass scales due to Covid-19 restrictions, therefore, some selected enthusiastic families of nearby areas and staff of RSC and UCOST participated in it.

Sri G.S. Rautela, former Director General, NCSM and presently Advisor, Science City Dehradun beautifully explained about this celestial event to staff and visiting kids. He showed the moons of Jupiter and rings of Saturn. The kids were also showed moon and its craters through telescope. Dr Piyush Joshi, In-charge, RSC Dehradun and Dr Aparna Sharma, Senior Scientific Officer, UCOST were present on the occasion.