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UCOST supported “Multi-fuel Cooking Neelam Chulha”Granted Indian Patent

Dr Rajendra Dobhal, Director General, UCOST congratulates University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun for obtaining Indian patent entitled “Multi-fuel Neelam Chulha”with number 345310. The Patent Information Center (PIC) of the UCOST facilitated the technical assistance related to prior art search, novelty assessment and coordination with Patent Facilitation Center (PFC), TIFAC New Delhi. The project “Multi-fuel Neelam Chulha” was financially supported by UCOST and later PIC facilitated the filling for Indian patentin 2012 with the help of TIFAC, New Delhi.

This innovation solves the problem of interrupted availability of gas and inflation in inaccessible hilly terrain. The biggest feature of the stove is its capability of operating both on conventional and renewable energy sources available in rural and urban area.

Some specific features of the Neelam chulha:

  1. This multi-fuel stove reduces the amount of carbon mono oxide during combustion by 85% to 100%. Also the reduction in the amount of carbon mono oxide, consequently raises the combustion temperature of the stove which subsequently increases the overall efficiency.
  2. The thermal efficacy (29%), CO/COratio (0.03), TSP (1.7 mg per m3)and body temperature (480c) make the stove highly efficient as per as performance and emissions are concerned.
  3. With a metal body the stove has lower production costs and increased durability and is effectively maintenance free (except occasional cleaning of internal parts such as grate and burner).
  4. Social Impact: Promote Livelihood opportunities, Improved health of communities (particularly women and children), Access to modern energy carriers, Improved Energy Security, Value addition & entrepreneurship through trainings on local resources, Large scale replication potential, Drudgery Reduction and Improved Standard of Living.

UCOST extends its sincere thanks to Innovators at UPES Dehradun and Patent Facilitation Center (PFC), TIFAC, New Delhi.


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