4th Lecture and Puppet show organized under Popular Lecture Series Uttarakhand @25 - Uttarakhand State Council for Science and Technology

4th Lecture and Puppet show organized under Popular Lecture Series Uttarakhand @25

RSC organized its 4th lecture under Popular Lecture Series Uttarakhand@25, in which Dr D.K. Aswal, Director, Health Safety & Environment Group (HS&EG), BARC, Mumbai addressed the gathering on “Radiation, Nuclear Energy and Environment: All good for Human Development Index of a Nation”. In his introductory address, Prof Durgesh Pant, Director General, UCOST welcomed the lead speaker Dr Aswal, other dignitaries and participants. Dr Aswal is well known physicist who has served as Director CSIR-NPL; Chairman, NABL; and Secretary, AEES earlier. In his speech, he particularly mentioned that the fear of radiation hyped by coal lobby has adversely affected our growth in the field of nuclear energy in India. This is the reason we are facing global climate change and other catastrophes of climate change. Citing an examples, he said that nuclear reactor emits same amount of radiation of 8.85 mSv within 100 miles periphery as that emitted by two people sleeping nearby. Danger of mobile radiation is another false idea which has been propagated in our society. Such kind of rumors ultimately affects growth and prosperity of our nation. Most of developed countries like USA, France, China etc. shares 50 percent, 13.5 percent, 13.2 percent of world nuclear power generation, while Indian share is negligible. About 3.3 percent of the total power generated in India is derived from nuclear energy generated by 21 power plants. He said that radiation shaped life forms through mutation in course of their evolution. Low dose of radiation have been observed to be beneficial and in cancer particularly. Similarly applications of radiation and radioactivity have transformed research and development in the field of health and agriculture. Most of the high yielding varieties of crops have been developed using radiation induced mutations. However, rumors on nuclear fuel cycle has resulted in increased price of nuclear energy in India. He said that this is the time to break the iceberg and start promoting nuclear energy in India. Besides he also suggested to establish an institute on nuclear agriculture and power plant in Uttarakhand. On the occasion, puppet show was also organized by Sri Ramlal on scientific aptitude and environmental awareness. Dr Kailash N. Bhardwaj, In-charge, RSC coordinated the program and presented vote of thanks. Dr Manish Joshi, Scientific Officer-F, BARC; Dr OP Nautiyal, Scientist, USERC and staff of UCOST & RSC were present on the occasion. More than 100 students & teachers from Dolphin PG Institute, BFIT and Graphic Era University and visiting families attended the lecture.