Honorable Governor of Uttarakhand Dr K. K. Paul at UCOST

Honorable Governor of Uttarakhand Dr K. K. Paul inaugurated 12th Uttarakhand Science and Technology Congress at UCOST, Dehradun

Honorable Governor of Uttarakhand Dr K.K Paul inaugurated 12th Uttarakhand Science & Technology Congress at Vigyan Dham, Jhajhra where more than 600 scientists, academicians, researchers and delegates participated. On this occasion Chief Guest Dr. K.K. Paul stated that scientific temperament need to be inculcated amongst youngsters and common folk of Uttarakhand. In his inaugural speech Dr. Paul stated that organic farming should be encouraged and scientific techniques for rejuvenation of water resources should be taken up. status on frequent earthquakes in the state and glaciers should be studied using geographical information system. He stressed on the role of scientists for social upliftment of the Uttarakhand state.  Farmers are reluctant taking up the organic farming and continues usage of chemical  fertilizers are deteriorating the fertility of soils. Thus, scientist should come up with the techniques that would increase the productions from organic farming and proved to be a good substitute to the chemicals and encourage farmers to adapt it. Uttarakhand is very important state in terms of its bio-diversity and environment paradigms therefore, there should be scientific analysis to bring  balance between environment and infrastructure development . Dr. Paul said that science and technology play an important role in the progress of a country thus, it is also mentioned in our constitution that one of our fundamental duty is to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform.  It is also important that alongwith encouraging the education in science and technology, it should also be used as a tool for benefit of humanity.

In this occasion Dr. Paul, Governor of Uttarkhand facilitated Prof. H.S.Dhami, V.C., Uttarkhand Residential University, Almora for his outstanding contribution in mathematics, Dr. B.S.Tomar, Director BARC, Mumbai for his exemplary contribution in the field of chemistry and Dr.Vinod Kumar Gaur, Chairman Co-Managing Director, National Seed Council Ltd.,New Delhi for his exception contribution in Agriculture Sciences with the Science & Technology Excellence Award. Governor conveys his best wishes to the Science & Technology congress and young scientist.

Dr. Ravinath Raman, Secretary, Deptt. Of  Science & Technology, Uttarakhand Governemnt proposed the welcome address and narrated that the state is doing good progress in science & Technology which is expected to get better in near future.

Prof. Ravikant, Director AIIMS, Rishikesh, Prof. P.D.Juyal, V.C. Nanaji Deshmukh, Veterinary Science University, Jabalpur, M.P., Dr. Shasi Bala Singh, DS & Director General-Life Sciences DRDO, New Delhi were the dignitaries on Dais and addressed the august gathering.

On this occasion Dr. Rajendra DObhal, DG, UCOST conferred vote of thanks. He bestrow thanks to all the scientist for there gracious presence on the occasion of Science Congress and said that this is unique opportunity for young scientist of the state to interact with eminent personalities and discuss on various aspects of research Science & Technology. He said that Science Congress is a great platform for youngster of state and they should take maximum advantage of this opportunity.

On this occasion prominent personalities Prof. H.S.Dhami, Prof. Saudan Singh, Prof. M.S.M Rawat, Sh. Rakesh Oberoi, Dr. Farukh Ahmed, Dr, Ram Prasad, Dr. B.P. Purohit, Dr. D.P. Uniyal, Dr. Ashutosh Mishra, Dr. Prashant Singh and more than 600 scientists and researchers were present. The programme was hosted by Mrs. Mona Bali.

Two Brain Storming session were held in the afternoon, the brief are as follows-

Uttarakhand Health status & research: An Introspection

  1. Significance of Science Communication in Himalayan Region- This session was chaired by National President Public Relation Society of India (PRSI), convener were Dr. D.P. Uniyal and session coordinator were Mr. Amit Pokhriyal. In this session the role of media in popularizing Science were discussed and urge was shown to have a better and easy communication among these two area and delegates from electronic and print media were present. Reporters presented their views on bridging the gap between media and science in the society and thus concluded that the scenario is changing which will lead to a better understanding between the two aspects in near future.


  1. Brain Storming Session on Uttarakhand Health status & research: an introspection was held at Vigyan dham during the 12th Uttarakhand Sate Science Technology Congress in collaboration with AIIMS Rishikesh. Chaired by Director Prof Ravi Kant the session firstly apprised us about the current status of health in different sectors in Uttarakhand. The session briefed about the prevalence of diabetes & hypertension, eye diseases, deafness & its management, maternal mortality rate & its control strategies, infant mortality rate, carcinogenic viruses, infectious diseases & its management, surgical interventions in the state. Apart from this research trends and future prospects at AIIMS rishikesh were also discussed. The session chairman recommended that an holistic approach is needed in Uttarakhand to solve its health issues. He praised the government insurance scheme and recommended that health insurance should be made compulsory for the general masses in the nation and provided a strategic approach in achieving this target. He also proposed diploma courses in clinical subjects. Prof Sanjeev Kumar Mittal, Head of Opthalmology coordinated the session. And lastly, an integrated approach is required wherein not only doctors but also the policy makers, the government department and the bottom of the pyramid people have to painstakingly participate in eradicating the diseases. An example like anemia cannot be considered a disease, its a problem of poverty, financial crunches at the below poverty level. If they are given adequate nutrition and awareness about the changes in food habits, anemia can be countered.

Dr. Shasi Bala Singh, DS & Director General-Life Sciences DRDO, New Delhi gave her deliberation on the topic “Scientific Insight Into Yoga” under NASI Plenary lecture.

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