Preparatory Meeting of Himalayan Science Festival Uttarakhand

Preparatory Meeting of Himalayan Science Festival Uttarakhand (HSFU),  2018

Preparatory Meeting of Himalayan Science Festival Uttarakhand – Himalayan Science Festival Uttarakhand (HSFU), 2018 is going to be organize by collaboration of UCOST and VIBHA from 14th Nov to 17th Nov 2018. Aim of this event is to sensitize Uttarakhand & India; to be informed by Science, inspired by its power; convinced of its true value and be prepared to meet the future developmental challenges using science as a tool. A Meeting was held on 24th April 2018 at UCOST under the Chairmanship of Dr. Rajendra Dobhal, Director General, and UCOST for the Preparation of the above event.  The meeting was attended by Expert members, Advisory committee members and UCOST team.

The following members were present at the meeting:

  • Dr Rajendra Dobhal – D.G. UCOST, Chairman of Meeting
  • Shri Jayant Sahastrabuddhe – National Organizing Secretary, Co-Chairman of Meeting
  • Dr K.D. Purohit – Pesident, VIBHA, Member
  • Dr B.P. Purohit – J.D., UCOST, Member
  • Dr D.P. Uniyal – Senior Scientific Oficer-Organizing Secretary Member
  • Dr Ashutosh Mishra- Scientific Officer –Co-oridinator, Member
  • Shri Prajatantra -VIBHA- Organizing Secretary, Member
  • Shri Amit Pokhariyal – UCOST-Media Incharge, Member
  • Dr S.K. Parcha – Vice President, VIBHA, Member
  • Shri Sharad Chandra -ONGC
  • Dr Bhatnagar- ONGC
  • Dr Santosh Khanduri – Member
  • shri Amit Das – Member
  • DR Shusma Rawat -Member
  • Dr Narendra Singh -Aries
  • Shri A.K Pandey -Member
  • Dr Harsh Dobhal -Doon University
  • Shri H.C Purphit -Doon University
  • Shishir Prasad -GKU, Member
  • Lokesh Kumar Joshi – Member
  • Hemwati Nandan – VBHA
  • Girish Semwal -IRDE, DRDO- Member
  • Shri Vikas Nautiyal -UCOST- Member
  • Dr Suman Mandrwal – UCOST-Member
  • Mahesh Bhatt – Member
  • Shri Chandi Aswal – Member
  • Ekta Tripathi – Member
  • Shri Deependra Tripathi- Member

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