Celebration of World IP Day 2023 at UCOST, Vigyan Dham - Uttarakhand State Council for Science and Technology

Celebration of World IP Day 2023 at UCOST, Vigyan Dham

An IPR workshop was organized on the occasion of World IP Day, today at Uttarakhand State Council for Science & Technology (UCOST) at Vigyan Dham. Prof (Dr) Durgesh Pant, Director General welcomed all the guests. Dr Aparna Sharma delivered the introductory speech  & highlighted the importance of World IP Day. Prof Pant described the IPR scenario in the historical perspective to current time. He briefly explained about certain govt Initiatives in the era of today’s technical advancement. He suggested that academicians and scientists work in their respective fields must keeping IPR in their mind. He reiterated the importance of protection of ideas and inventions through proper and suitable IP. Guest speaker, Dr Sunita Baudi Vidyarathi from UTU said that students conducting research should consult patent literature before deciding on a topic from research. He further described how researchers could identify and protect the intellectual property generated from their projects. Special Speaker, Dr Rakesh Yadav said that there was need of vast biodiversity especially traditional knowledge agri-products and medicinal plants through proper IP. He gave example many traditional crops which are native to Uttarakhand. Dr Satyander Rajput, Professor, Gurukul Kangiri University, Dr Daksh, Famous entrepreneur and Dr Soumitra Pandey, Industrialist, Sh Amit Pokhriyal, Dr Ashutosh Mishra, Sh Himanshu Goel and UCOST staff were present on the occasion.